connection trouble?

Try the following:

1. Refresh the page a few times - click the 'reload' icon, which may look like an roundabout arrow.

2. Restart your web browser - exit it completely and start it again. This will force it to check's IP address next time round.

3. If the time is between 0800-1807 in the UK (GMT or British Summer Time), I'm not online - unless it's a weekend. The reason: I'm on an offpeak-only Internet connection. [As of May 2004, this no longer applies: I am on a broadband connection, available around the clock. If the site's not up, it probably means that the coin-operated electricity meter has run out of credit and turned off the power - there could be a wait of anything up to 24 hours before the power is restored, depending on how skint I am.]

The following paragraph doesn't apply either - with broadband, I am on the Net all the time.

4.'s systems take about 5 minutes to update DNS entries. Since I get kicked off the Net every two hours, there may be small intervals when is temporarily unavailable. Sometimes I can get lucky and get the same IP address on the next connection (this happens a lot in the early hours of the morning, when not many people are on Freeserve).

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