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Brooknet's Freeserve Site

Warped Lex

Note: this page is outdated and most of the services listed here do not work any more.

Clicking the above picture should take you to my local intranet web server, if I'm currently online and using Linux.

Also, you might like to try my Roger Wilco chat server - just click 'Join' and type '' into the box that says 'IP Address or Hostname of Channel Host' and then assuming that I have the server running, I'll notice - or you may well find yourself all alone with no-one to talk to. If you don't get a connection, phone me up and tell me to start the server (kinda defeats the object, really, doesn't it?).

Greetings, and welcome to the Freeserve portion of my vast global homepage hierarchy, known as 'Brooknet'. This site is under construction, and probably always will be - a typical 'Lex' project is never finished. That's me above, by the way - me Lex/Alex.

If you have seen this page before, you may have viewed it on my BT Internet site. Today (March 29 2001) I copied the site over to my Freeserve site and made very few alterations.

Contact details:

Telephone: (01271) 864980, 867289, 866907.

I can receive calls while I'm on the 'net. In the unlikely case that you are calling from the USA (hello Trina!), add 44 and remove the leading zero - i.e. the number becomes 44 1271 864980/867289/866907.

[01-Oct-03]: Hello to Mr. Barton, who was the first person to actually call me, having viewed this webpage. He was having trouble connecting to Freeserve - I gave him Freeserve's local rate number: 0845 240 2613. This number is available on Freeserve's help index, but it's a little hard to get to sometimes, I admit. Their Help index is now available from the 'Member Centre' part of their site - if you're having difficulty connecting, try this bit of the site, and you could try calling their 24-hour connection helpline on 0845 330 7124 (calls are charged at local rate). I should mention that I don't work for Freeserve and am not connected to them in any way (apart from a phone line, currently.. haha), so please check before you follow my advice. It occurs to me that if someone is having trouble connecting, they might not actually be able to go online and read this - I'm not too bright today.. sigh.