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Hello World!


(Rather Silly) Acknowledgements

I would like to thank my cousin Ben for getting me into all this, for providing the means by which I can get a BT Internet account (free! No call charges! Waheyyy, I can spend as long as I like online - well, up to two hours at a time anyway). Ben has offered much good advice over the years. I think back to the days when I'd run NetBSD on my Amiga and Ben was running Telix in DOS, and I'm amazed how much (and fast) everything has changed. Still, nostalgia ain't what it used to be, so that's enough of that.

A special 'hello' goes to Birds Eye Wall's Ltd. - thanks for the curries, dudes - I especially like the sultanas and would like to see more vegetables, please.


Tam and Simon, if you visit, please feel welcome to send me a mail if I've left anything crucial out or you think there's something I should add to the site. I'm not particularly adept at HTML yet, but I can write basic text.

Other greets: hello to Dad (Frank) and Linda, Tigger the cat and the yacht, the name of which I do not know. My dad's on the net.. wow, that makes me proud, he says as a tear comes to his eye. "My dad's finally on the net! Good one, Pa!". Nuff playful sarcasm.

Hello to Mike & Heather Reeves and all the folks at the shop who serve me with a smile and ignore my annoying muttering, my tendency to linger like a phantasm around the biscuit shelves and my dripping raincoat.