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Linux: a free operating system developed by a Finnish university student named Linus Torvalds.

If I start going on about Linux, I'm not going to be able to upload this before midnight. I will not tempt fate by saying that if you haven't got into Linux, you might like to try it. I think it largely depends on the personality of the user as to whether they take to Linux or not - if you just use a computer as an information resource via a browser, for example, then it might not be for you. If you want to actually interact with your computer and actually get it to work with you instead of against you, Linux might suit you (sir). Linux now offers a choice of complete windowing environments which in my opinion are far more pleasing on the eye than the clunky Windows interface. In my opinion, StarOffice is the 'killer app' of the Linux world, seconded by GIMP. With StarOffice you can continue to edit Word/Office '97 documents, and it will handle a lot of other .. er.. stuff.

Some Linux sites:, (down, as of 05-Jun-13), There are many, many others - I suggest typing 'Linux' in a search engine. My distribution of choice is Red Hat Linux.

Finally, a word on the pronunciation of the word 'Linux'. I have always pronounced it with a long 'i', as in 'Lie-nucks'. This is not the official pronunciation though - this would be 'Li-nucks' as spoken by Linus with an 'ee' sound. Other people say it with a short 'i', as 'Li-nucks'. In my opinion, this method of pronunciation is more suited to the folks over the water in the USA. Therefore, I will continue to stubbornly say 'Ly-nucks' even though I know it's 'wrong'. Sorry Linus! My defense: everyone I know says 'Ly-nucks'. I rest my case (some case! Who cares how you say it, as long as you use it?).