Running UAE on a SPARC

This document details my attempts to get the Universal Amiga Emulator (hereafter referred to as 'UAE') running on an old SPARCserver 630MP (4/330). The SPARC computer in question is large, looks like a gravestone, is as heavy as one - and makes a lot of noise when powered up. Myself, Ben and a work colleague (I think that was James) disconnected a few fans and it now makes less noise, but I'm worried that it might overheat. Fortunately, I don't keep it powered up for long.

I've got Solaris 2.5 installed on this harsh'n, and it runs very well, although it only uses one processor because I've got two ROSS/Cypress CY605 processors of a certain old revision 7 type, and Solaris is picky - it wants something newer before it will enable MP mode.

Getting UAE compiled involved installing a number of packages from the popular Sun FTP site,

You'll need at least these packages to compile it:

I also recommend (for ease of use):
I used the following line to configure UAE (bash shell):
LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/lib" GTK_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/gtk-config \
 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-ui
That's all one line. LD_LIBRARY_PATH is required if you install stuff in /usr/local, because the usual dynamic loader path is /lib and /usr/lib. There's no thing in Solaris - I think the runtime library search path is static, but it accepts LD_LIBRARY_PATH so you can modify - ah! Parasol Stars' title screen just appeared on the SPARC UAE that I'm running - it took about 15 minutes, but there it is, it is working!

More points to note:

Verified! It was a device permissions issue, and this fixed it:
lex@sparc$ su -
root@sparc# chmod 660 /devices/obio/audio@500000:sound,audio
root@sparc# chgrp adm /devices/obio/audio@500000:sound,audio
root@sparc# exit
lex@sparc$ vi .uaerc
(Change these options in .uaerc: sound_output=normal, sound_channels=mono, sound_bits=8, sound_frequency=8000)

It runs very, very slowly on my SPARCserver, though the fact that it runs at all is cause for celebration, I reckon!

Files available, in case you don't want to compile it: SPARC UAE executable, readdisk executable

If you do want to take the plunge:

xwin.c patch, required for my system - might not be for yours. This patch disables support for keymaps other than the default; sorry, but my X includes have no deadkey support, so the compilation aborted when the other keymap functions were included. If you haven't got 'patch', here's the original xwin.c and here's my mangled version.

Due to the usual irritating copyright issues, I can't supply ROM or disk images - I suggest you try searching the net for them, and beware, there are many bogus sites with 'clickthrough' advertisements and popups and no roms or disks at the end of the line - just another smegging popup banner or a promised search for more rom sites which only turns up more advertisements.

If you're trying to compile this (supposedly because you either have a very fast and powerful UltraSPARC or you're as crazy as I am and want to see a lot of old Amiga games running at about 1/100th of their original speed) and you want to discuss it with me, email me at the usual lex at brooknet dot freeserve dot co dot uk, and put the string '[nospam]' somewhere in the subject so it gets past my spam redirection filter. Cheers!

[Additional note (07-Mar-06): this email address has changed to (here we go) brooknet at imap dot cc, and you don't need to put any special strings anywhere.]

Some pictures: