Logfile opened at half past two p.m. on Tuesday December 24th 1991

Yo, it's Amiga!

Lex says "well here I be."
"And why not."
"Why is everything so slow?"
"I'm going to beddybyes for a little kip, though Elly and Tam have got all of their stereos on full so sleep is impossible."
Lex waves.
Lex calls Lex.
Lex has answered.
Lex says "just testing..."
Lex has just left.
Lex has just arrived.
Lex says "yes indeed I have."
"this is Lex here at 9600 baud, and the system is coping okay."
"I've been awake almost 24 hours so I'm going to catch a bit of a kip."
"I'm upstairs right now."
Lex winks.
Lex drops his bottle of Lynx.
Lex picks up his Lynx deodorant and places it back on the table.
It's Tuesday December 24th 1991, twenty-five past eight p.m. (Lex)
"let's see who's on."
"just me and the Amiga."
"Here goes... I doubt they'll hear the war[b]le above the music.."
Lex calls Amy.
Amy did not answer.
"hmmm.. it's loud enough. I reckon there should be several levels of alarm for the local call command."
Lex fidgets.
Lex says "nice n fast"
Lex calls Amy.
Amy did not answer.
"the music's off, I'll try now,"
Lex calls Amy.
Amy has answered.
Amy says "khi"
Lex says "yeah!"
Lex cheers.Amy says "hi there yo!!"
Lex says "at last!"
"I feel like ****!"
Amy says "ive gotta gpo"
Lex says "teach me to sleep in my clothes"
"who this?"
Amy says "im explaining sommin to mands"
Lex says "oh."
Amy says "seeyou in a min"
Lex snuffles.
Lex has just left.
Lex says "indeed I have!"
The cat emerges from the cupboard with the dainty tinkling of cups and saucers.
Lex says "everyone is intent on getting ready to go out... except me!"
Lex sobs.
Lex says "gimme a bottle of vodka and a TV and I'm a happy man."
"Thing is I haven't got any vodka."
"I've got a telly!"
"And some chocolate!"
"Here's the RT."
"No I haven't."
"Where's my choc?"
Lex yells "ELLY!!!"
Elly doesn't know where it is and nor do I.
Lex says "It's STRANGE."
Lex discovers a Milky Bar wrapper in the bin.
Elly and Mandy depart for the pub, and Lex listens to some right spooky music on the stereo.
He makes himself a cup of tea using reconstituted skimmed milk, and a peanut butter and choc spread slice of bread.
Lex says "I don't mean the tea!"
"Oh never mind."
Lex groans.
Lex says "Christmas, eh?"
"There's a film on in 4 mins called 'No Way Out' starring Kevin Costner."
"I might watch it."
Lex takes a sip of his tea.
Lex says "Spooky music."
Lex waves.
Lex> alert M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S   T O  O N E   A N D   A L L!
Lex> run alert This one is concurrent.
[CLI 5]
Lex says "doesnLext half slow the system down."
Lex switches on the telly.
The music stops.
Lex says "This tea is... alright."
"Not bad actually."
"In fact I could quite come to like it!"
Lex chuckles.
Lex says "Happy Christmas Spotlight team."
Ian McCaskill says it's going to be a green Christmas.
Lex says "Good!"
Ian says "The place to be is down in the Canary Islands or Africa."
Lex winks.
Lex has just left.
Logfile closed at half past nine p.m. on Tuesday December 24th 1991