Lex says "i ate quite a bit yesterday"
T102 says "i can not type"
Lex says "i gotta question before i go.. i know, nor can I!"
T102 says "pig"
Lex says "snort"
Pig says "snuffle"
T102 says "whats the question"
Lex says "oh yes, the question.. mm.. hang on.."
Lex says "The Question is..."
Lex says "'Can you hear the computer music from down there?'"
T102 says "no because the music is really loud on in here"
Lex says "ah.."
Lex says "i see"
Lex says "good, i'm testing it and i didn't want to ruin your concentration.."
T102 says "but you can in the sitting room"
Lex says "..if you are cooking"
Lex nods.
T102 says "yes and painting"