Hamster madness!

Bought a 'Hamster Wheel' from Marks & Spencer? Disappointed that it didn't work with Linux? Here's the answer, thanks to Scott Weston <scott at weston dot id dot au> and (blush) myself, as I wrote this quick patch to Scott's code. Incidentally, I've tried to contact Scott but he hasn't answered my mail, so if he's reading this: Scott, I acknowledge that you are the author of the original missile.py code and your copyright notice is intact (and I haven't added my own because I'm shy).

On 21-May-07, I added a page for users of this site to control the hamster. The remote computer is running hamster.py with input redirected from a pipe, and when a button is pressed on the web page, a script sends a character to the pipe, causing the Python program to respond. Oops! That method causes major crashes. I'm working on recoding the app in C - check this page again. Give me a few days - okay, a month, maybe.. sorted!

13-Jun-07: Thanks to Jari Turkia, I've now got a working command line control program, so the hamster is controllable via the web - coolness! You may download it from the link below.

Technical gubbins:

Hamster wheel USB ID = 1130:0202
Manufacturer: "Tenx Technology, Inc."


Working hamster wheel commandline app. Usage: hamster <short|long|stop>. E.g. type 'hamster stop', 'hamster long' etc. You will need to run the program as root.

Original Python application:

missile.py (Python code for M&S missile launcher)
hamster.patch My patch to missile.py to turn the missile launcher into a hamster wheel
hamster.py The patched Python program
hamster.txt Description of control sequences
pyusb-0.3.1.tar.gz PyUSB - you'll need this.
and this.. (urwid-0.9.3.tar)

To be able to run missile.py without installing anything, I compiled urwid to a package and unpacked it to the current dir, and did the same with pyusb, symlinking to pyusb-0.3.1/build/lib.linux-i686-2.4/usb.so.

Directory listing ('ls -lR').

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This page was hastily-constructed and is bound to be full of errors and omissions, so complaints, please, to brooknet at imap dot cc - that's the obfuscated email address. Moose.