PDP-11 Zork

This is an OCR/edited version of Infocom's PDP-11 Zork document.

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Before you get your hopes up, this is just the documentation for PDP-11 Zork; see the links for further resources.

I have done the following cleaning-up to the original documentation:

Problems with the current docs:
  1. The page numbers are wrong (I had major issues with OpenOffice's way of setting page formatting).
  2. The fonts are mixed-up.
  3. Some of the formatting is a bit strange.
These issues are due to the zany way in which I edited this document: I imported the original PDF into Google Docs, using its OCR facility to provide partial recognition. I then added the missing documentation (for some reason, the OCR stopped before the appendix) and did some editing/correction. Then, I uploaded that document to my system and edited it in OpenOffice.org, before uploading it to Google Docs again.


Saracom's PDP-11 resources (see pdp11.saracom.com/games/dung.zip for Dungeon - the URL in the index is wrong.)
Gunkies' article on Zork: http://gunkies.org/wiki/Zork

You might find the Confusion MDL interpreter interesting.
Local copies:

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These documents are also available on my Google Docs account:

PDF version (no preview is available, so you will be offered a download)
ODT version

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