Altair 8800 Emulator

This is a copy of an Altair 8800 emulator that was on the web a long time ago (1998), but has since disappeared - I looked through my old archives and found it. You'll need Java to use this. I have not extensively tested it: it appears to work, but it's old, so you takes your chances. I recommend the Altair32 emulator as it works on Linux through Wine (okay on my Wine 1.0.1-0ubuntu2), and it'll be faster than the Java implementation.

I've re-implemented the page counter because I couldn't copy the original one; it's likely to be occasionally reset as I mess around with things. I decided to have it count in octal.

On 10th April 2010, I bundled the emulator into an IPK file, which I have tested on my SL-6000L (Tosa) Zaurus. Unfortunately, it currently doesn't work: it starts, but operation is erratic and I think that might be due to differences between 'proper Java' and J2ME, which is used on the Z. It appears to work okay, though it is quite slow and I needed to rotate the screen to landscape mode (640x480) to use it properly (also, move the window up a bit by dragging the title bar up). Try loading a tape though, and you'll see that it just gets stuck, and the tape reader doesn't animate.

Warning: it takes some time for the applet to initialise (about 12 seconds on my Tosa) and you then need to click the ON/OFF switch (on the applet, not the Zaurus power switch!) to start the emulation.

Other edits: changed 'internet' to 'Internet' in the index page, and corrected a tricky little error in the Altair emulator manual's 'examples' section (thanks to Clyde Hoadley).

Emulator main page


Altair emulator (.tar.gz)
Altair emulator (Zaurus IPK)

a4449500bf3618360acfe2bd2f1360c6  altair88b.tar.gz
776d4ddbc3865baede65a1fe85694ada  altair-java_1.0_arm.ipk


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