Quince Honey Farm Pics

Taken on 15-Oct-04.


Honey-potting machinery
More pots of honey
Ditto (rather blurry)
Close-up on a hive and honeycomb
Lots of bees
More bees
National Hive information
How bees were removed from a postbox
Bees in a chimney
A cylindrical hive (machine-operated)
Erm.. a slice of strawberry cheesecake!
The Quince Honey Farm Cafe
More of the cafe
Cup of tea, cheesecake and bright table covering
South Molton town square 1
South Molton town square 2

MPEG videos

(static image) More machinery
(static image) "You're recording me, aren't you?"
On the bus to South Molton
South Molton town square (I recorded this so I'd remember where it was)
A pan around the displays
A video of a video
I'm looking at the honey-potting machinery again...
Bees! (I've just pressed the button to open the hive)
More bees ("There they are!" I say again)
A bee had escaped from this hive and was outside the glass.
I really am the only person here. It's odd.
A rotating hive, with lenses.
More of the same.
"That guy's a bit spooky."
Bees - golden-yellow in colour.
"Here we have your basic hive tools..."
I'm walking. "It's getting very confusing with... these announcements."
More potting.
A video of someone putting a honey jar lid on.
"I'm the only person here - it's so weird."
A close-up on the pupating bees.
This was a really good bit of strawberry cheesecake (warning: I stare into the camera a lot here!).
I'm surprised at how much space there is left on the memory stick.
I try to zoom in on the menu, and can't (the zoom doesn't work in movie recording mode).
I'm on the bus on the way back to Barnstaple. The camera is in the bag. I find this clip quite funny.
Back in Ilfracombe, I record a minute of video at Capstone.