BBC Command ROM Manual

This is an incomplete copy of the Beebug Command ROM manual, for the BBC Microcomputer. I still have this on my old BBC model B and during a couple of days last week, I typed the contents of my now-faded manual in, converted it to HTML, and here it is.

I describe it as 'incomplete' because the first two-and-a-bit chapters are missing, and it starts in the middle of Chapter 3. There's enough information here to be able to figure out how to use the Command ROM. Please note, I don't have an image of the ROM itself.

This probably won't display well on many browsers as I hand-coded it all as I went along. If you have any interest in the BBC Microcomputer, this might be useful to you.

Copyright issues: Beebug aren't around any more and I do not know what the copyright status of this file is. Should any official bods wish to contact me, you can do that via the 'contact page'.

BBC Command ROM

P.S. You can download this all as a 'tarball'.