F/A-18 Interceptor Code Calculator

(Original document date: 2nd May 2008)

22-Sep-13: There is now an online version of this codewheel - thanks to MisterMSK!


Do you have an old copy of the Amiga game F/A-18 Interceptor? If you do, has your 'F/A-18 Interceptor Flight Computer' code wheel fallen apart? This script might be useful to you. It requires a bash shell, so that means a UNIX-based computer or an Apple Mac, or possibly Cygwin on Windows. I've tested it on Linux only.

HEAVY WARNING-LIKE THING: this script is really slow, very buggy and poorly- written because I wrote it 'as I went along', which is a very bad way of writing an application. I'm going to tidy it up, once I've thought about it a bit more. It's quite a low-level thing really, and it has to be for the Interceptor code to remain small.

The script (bash shell script): codewheel.sh
The code wheel data (text): code_wheel_data.txt

A test run:

lex@desree:~/public_html/public/fa18codewheel$ ./codewheel.sh 
Reading codewheel data from code_wheel_data.txt
Data read okay: 384 lines read.
CLI: type 'quit' to quit.
Commands: code [code], read [index], window [0..F], shift [0-F] [0-F], quit
Codewheel> code C0DE
Result: 231
Codewheel> code C7E1
Result: 66673
Codewheel> code 8F1B
Result: 567
Codewheel> code 0007
Result: 004225
Codewheel> quit

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