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Magazine Article Translation Project

29-Jan-12: As predicted, this project has stalled. My plan was to have translation help from, but I couldn't afford the fees and was unable to contact any volunteer translators (I had a bit of trouble with the web interface). The old page follows.

This page contains links to a bunch of hastily-translated articles from the Italian magazine Nuova Elettronica. These were made available on, thanks to enthusiast Roberto Bazzano. Mr. Bazzano has added English versions of many pages, which you will find under

On 7th November, I foolishly decided to translate the site's many scanned magazine articles into English. This was a very silly decision by me because in my hurry to be helpful, I forgot about the following:

Call me 'stupid' if you wish, but I am persisting and thanks to Google Translate and the gedit text editor, am now about a third into the first magazine. At this rate, I should finish the magazine translation by.. er.. January 2012, maybe - and have done the rest of the magazines by.. well, I hate to give a guess, but I'd say.. 2015?

The System

My translation system involves several processes:
  1. Type the document articles into gedit, one paragraph at a time.
  2. Copy each paragraph into Google Translate, and make corrections.
  3. Copy Google Translate's output into the 'output document'.
  4. Make further corrections to the output.
I have broken the article into numbered paragraphs, which makes it much easier to edit. The output file (there is only one at present!) is simple ASCII, but can be edited quite easily and turned into other formats.

I am thinking that it might just be easier to learn Italian and do the translation manually!

Available documents

Please note, these are not complete!

*_input.txt: typed-in article text.
*.output.txt: translated/edited output text.