Pie II

Once upon a time, there was a baby pigeon who was a bit slow and was turfed out of its nest, suffering injuries when it hit the ground. It was rescued by Ben, who named it 'Pie'. Ben brought Pie all the way from Surrey to Devon, where it went to live with an odd bloke called Lex, who renamed him 'Pie II' because there had -- spookily -- been a 'Pie' in previous years (owned by Elly during the years at Easterground Cottage). Pie II and Lex got along quite well, although Lex's habit of staying awake until 6 a.m. upset Pie's diurnal rhythm.

One day, Lex's father, Frank, phoned Lex up and said he should get rid of the pigeon. Lex agreed with Frank that the pigeon was getting in the way of whatever it is that Lex is doing with his life, and Lex called the animal rescue folks and they collected Pie II. Following the departure of the pigeon, the kitchen is now much cleaner but is also very quiet. Lex finds that he misses the squawking in the morning, the struggle to feed the pigeon before breakfast and his occasional walk in the outside world with a pigeon on his arm -- even though a kindly lady told him that pigeons carry diseases, which he knew and didn't particularly care about, figuring that everyone has to die of something. The lady also noticed that the pigeon was blind in one eye and had a deformed beak, which explained why he was unable to eat food properly.

These are some pictures of Pie II - click on the link to open a larger pic. The smaller images are 512x384 and the larger images are 1024x768.

Lex with a pigeon on his shoulder.Don't I look miserable? Pie II looking at the seagull and the seagull looking at Pie II.Pie II meets the seagull. Pie II looking at the seagull and the seagull looking the other way.Seagull totally ignores pigeon. Pie II in close-up.A close-up.