Sun Jan 23 07:14:53 GMT 2011


This is 4.3BSD UNIX, for the VAX-11/780 (and others - see later).


Photos of 4.3BSD booting on an Android phone, using a real VT125 terminal!:

The author of those photos is the writer of the 'World of VAX' blog (, which I would urge anyone to have a look at if they are interested in mighty operating systems and hardware of olden times, and newer operating systems (Android) of not-such-olden times.

4.3BSD UNIX ('Quasijarus') was available from the SIMH software page ( ), but the link has gone. Fortunately, I downloaded Quasijarus before it disappeared, and it is still available via the original site:

"4.3BSD-Quasijarus releases are distributed as tape images on the IFCTF anonymous FTP site ftp://ifctfvax.Harhan.ORG in the /pub/UNIX directory."

The full path:

Warning: the FTP site is slow (12.4KB/s download speed) and fussy (it doesn't like 'ls -l') so I have copied the files to my server (see below for a file list).

A good install document:

Install instructions are also contained in file 'setup.txt', from the distribution.


Welcome to the public archive of the International Free Computing Task Force!

All materials hosted here are free to the world, i.e., feel free to download
whatever you want, but we have to apologize in advance for our very slow and
overloaded server and our equally slow and overloaded Internet connection.
We also apologize in advance that our FTP server does not currently support

To overcome the limitations of our FTP server and Internet connection, we are
making our materials available via an alternate mechanism: CD-R media via
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1. Our limited CPU, disk and network bandwidth is so precious that sending CDs
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2. We want to have as many copies of our stuff as possible spread as widely as
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If we get a very large number of requests, then we may have to start asking
recipients to cover our cost, but for now that is not a concern, right now
the emphasis is on helping ensure preservation.  So go ahead and ask for
your own CD-R copy of our archive!
(Maybe I should have taken that advice - but would they have wanted to send CDs overseas? Methinks not. L.)


md5sums (md5sums.txt)

       qjchanges.txt              5699 bytes
         FORMAT.1600               257 bytes
         FORMAT.6250               219 bytes
         FORMAT.TK50               238 bytes
          cassette.Z             68794 bytes
         consolerl.Z             68668 bytes
            floppy.Z             72708 bytes
          miniroot.Z            985822 bytes
          rootdump.Z           2082177 bytes
              rx50.Z             76387 bytes
           setup.txt            217649 bytes
             src.lst            541808 bytes
           src.tar.Z          10961052 bytes
          srcsys.lst             78865 bytes
        srcsys.tar.Z           2803165 bytes
             stand.Z             62652 bytes
             usr.lst            189950 bytes
           usr.tar.Z           7300252 bytes
 README-ifctfvax.txt          1496 bytes
          README.txt               961 bytes
        quas-dir.txt               777 bytes