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Last updated: 17-Apr-12 14:45


A warning about bugs introduced by patches that I made to the code (see below): the dot matrix printer emulation probably doesn't work for the 2.4/OABI version of XJoyce/XAnne, due to changes in the libpng library that I could not fix. Someone with more C++ experience might be able to solve this.

The above does not apply to the binaries in the joyce-2.2.4-EABI.tar.gz package - for that one, compilation was straightforward, and I didn't need to patch anything.

  • library - possibly required by your 2.4-kernel ARM system.
  • (archive listing)

  • Disk images from various sources - see the README.txt files in the archive.
  • Joyce_data.tar.gz
  • (archive listing)
  • Joyce source and compiled code, for 2.6-kernel ARM Angstrom systems. Tested on an SL-C860 Zaurus. I have also kept all of the object files intact (the executables are in the 'bin' directory). The long string of digits/letters is the md5sum.

  • b7c474bd86dd909fcd894aeaf3072159 joyce-2.2.4-EABI.tar.gz and listing
  • XJoyce binary, for a 2.4-kernel/OABI ARM system (tested on OpenZaurus 3.5.4).

  • xjoyce-24.bin
  • Source code patches (2.4/OABI version only):

  • JoyceMatrix.cxx.patch
  • PcwFiles.cxx.patch
  • MD5SUMs for all of the above binary files:

    b7c474bd86dd909fcd894aeaf3072159  joyce-2.2.4-EABI.tar.gz
    02086b28a90328b2ae4903e1a7cca046  joyce-2.2.4-matrixpatch-compiled.tar.gz
    fb0591bdff55206f047ff79fd0f9216a  Joyce_data.tar.gz
    efd740a3519b82c2fdd0d06e6b11ce41  libstdc.tar.gz
    28b916ab174e26275e0d770557ae7b76  xjoyce-24.bin

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