Fri Apr 15 14:32:18 BST 2005

A series of photos and movies of Ilfracombe. Warning: many of these files are rather large and might take some time to download if you are on a slow connection.

JPEG images (all 2048 x 1536)

DSC00971.JPG A view of the cafes along Wilder Road.
DSC00972.JPG More cafes, showing the Osborne Hotel, Pandoras and a bit of The Palms Cafe.
DSC00973.JPG A view looking along Runnacleave Road.

Barnstaple trip (all 1632 x 1224)

Barnstaple/DSC00935.JPG A view of The Promenade at the seafront
Barnstaple/DSC00936.JPG A slightly different angle
Barnstaple/DSC00937.JPG Capstone Point, looking up towards the flag pole
Barnstaple/DSC00938.JPG The Landmark (I think it looks like a power station)
Barnstaple/DSC00939.JPG A view of the sea (very choppy)
Barnstaple/DSC00940.JPG The Landmark again
Barnstaple/DSC00941.JPG The Wheel Room Restaurant, Carvery and a bakery
Barnstaple/DSC00942.JPG The Wheel Inn and part of The Sunspot Amusement Arcade
Barnstaple/DSC00943.JPG A wider view, showing flags and the clock tower
Barnstaple/DSC00944.JPG Another one of the Landmark
Barnstaple/DSC00947.JPG And another...
Barnstaple/DSC00948.JPG A closer view of the Sunspot, where I spent a couple of quid today.
Barnstaple/DSC00949.JPG Dedes Hotel / Wheel Inn, from the side
Barnstaple/DSC00950.JPG Looking along St. James Place
Barnstaple/DSC00951.JPG Walking up the hill to Capstone Crescent.
Barnstaple/DSC00952.JPG A view of the other side of the hill.
Barnstaple/DSC00953.JPG Another one.
Barnstaple/DSC00954.JPG Sea, viewed from Capstone Crescent.
Barnstaple/DSC00955.JPG More sea.
Barnstaple/DSC00957.JPG Looking down the steps from the path at the top of Capstone Crescent.
Barnstaple/DSC00958.JPG The houses on the 'sea side' of Capstone Crescent.
Barnstaple/DSC00959.JPG More sea!
Barnstaple/DSC00960.JPG Number 3, Harbourside, Capstone Crescent: my old flat. Thanks to Rob for letting me take this, and for suffering the deluge of rain that was cascading down.
Barnstaple/DSC00964.JPG I'm not sure what this one is - possibly one to delete.


These are all 'MPEG-1 system'.

Barnstaple/MOV00945.MPG (19s) A panning view along the sea front, showing how blustery it is.
Barnstaple/MOV00946.MPG (2s) A very quick movie of the Landmark.
Barnstaple/MOV00956.MPG (11s) Looking across at the sea from the top of Capstone Crescent.
Barnstaple/MOV00961.MPG (24s) On the bus to Barnstaple. Note the very dirty windows.
Barnstaple/MOV00962.MPG (33s) Approaching Chivenor on the way back.
Barnstaple/MOV00963.MPG (1m4s) A view of the estuary and lots of trees.