TIEmu 3.03

TIEmu is a TI92/92+/V200 emulator, compiled for X on an X86_64 Linux computer, running Gentoo. The debugger has not been included in the build, which has GTK+ enabled, and Qt disabled. I used the Debian package patches for TIEmu 3.02, which worked for 3.03 as well (with manual patching required).

ROMs - or lack of them

For copyright reasons, no ROMs have been supplied - other than 'pedrom', which is part of the TIEmu distribution. If you are familiar with the MESS project, you can get them from the MESS ROMs torrent. That is not available from the MESS site, but can be found on many BitTorrent sites (try Google with 'ti92.zip mess').


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MD5SUMS.txt (MD5SUMs of the following files)

./tiemu-3.03-patched.tar.gz (a copy?)

Any comments to Lex at email address TENKOORB at PAMI dot CC (please reverse the order of the letters in the uppercased words, and convert them to lowercase - sorry about the obfuscation, but it's the spam..). Requests for ROMs will be ignored - sorry about that, but it's not my fault - I wish that information was free as well.

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