ASCII Invaders

This is a port of Thomas Munro's ASCII Invaders to the ARM platform. It should run on any ARM Linux device with the ncurses library; that means the Linksys WRT54G, Sharp Zaurus, Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, GamePark GP2X - the list is long.

The source code is available here, since the original page has long since disappeared. I retrieved the source code from The Wayback Machine.

ASCII Invaders binary (tar/gz)

MD5SUM of the tarball: ce91a3f0d33b40822b0f9f975542812c
MD5SUM of the binary: 997dd5378c601c46018aa47f5caa255c

This program is tiny so I didn't make an IPK out of it - just extract the binary and run it from a terminal/console.

Enjoy! (Though you have Mr. Munro to thank - I just typed 'make').