Zaurus LED tools

26-Aug-10: Here are a few simple LED-control CLI executables (2.4 kernel ARM ELF binaries) for the Collie/SL-5500, which may also work on other Zaurii (I have only tested them on Collie). These were compiled using the Sharp Embedix SDK, for kernel 2.4.18. The source code is available below. The keen-eyed reader will notice that the comments are exactly the same for every program -- this is because I was tired when I wrote these, and I didn't think that I'd be putting them on my site - typical me!

I know that it's probably an awful security risk, but please execute them as root (I made them setuid) because they need access to ioctls.

They definitely won't work on anything other than a Zaurus, and they might have odd effects on Zaurii other than the Collie. I have not tested them thoroughly and as usual, am not to be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of (mis)using them. Hey, same goes for everything else in life, hmm?

led2                mail_led_fastblink.c  mail_led_slowblink    sharp_char.h
led2.c              mail_led_off          mail_led_slowblink.c
mail_led_fastblink  mail_led_off.c        mail_led_steady
led2 usage: led2 [which-led] [led-status]
Please refer to the kernel header file sharp_char.h for the values. These are recalled via my hazy memory, and with corrections added later.
[which-led] is 12 for the mail LED and 13 for the battery LED.
[led-status] for [which-led] == 12 (battery LED) are: For LED 13 (mail LED): *: just kidding!


./led2 13 3 -- blink the mail LED
./led2 13 2 -- set the mail LED on
./led2 13 1 -- turn the mail LED off
./led2 12 2 -- light the battery LED
./led2 12 3 -- make the battery LED blink a long-on/short-off pattern