Zaurus Utilities

Here are a few scripts and apps I compiled or wrote to do various tasks on my SL-5500 (Collie) Zaurus. They're quite simple but might be of use to someone (I'm constantly amazed at what these little devices are capable of!).

Some of these binaries require other packages. The system is OpenZaurus 3.5.4.

Tiny Zaurus UAE screen
↑ This picture is full-size!
UAE requires libsdl-x11 - 'control' file edited to avoid a conflict with the libsdl Opie package - and libasound2_1.0.10-r0_arm.ipk).
See my E-UAE page for further information. I used this .uaerc file (please edit it, and rename it to .uaerc). That .uaerc is for the Collie/SL-5500; for Pocket Workstation on the SL-C860 (see below) I am using a different .uaerc. I followed this configuration.txt file. This version of UAE runs quite well (about half the speed of a real A500) on my SL-C860 (Sharp ROM, with FastFPE kernel), though am running it in a somewhat-complex way: it is running in the Debian chroot environment of Pocket Workstation, displaying on the VNC server screen. I exit QTopia, start the Pocket Workstation Fbvnc viewer, launch E-UAE - which can left running while you restart QTopia - and then zoom in and pan around the screen a bit, and there it is. I could just resize it to the full 640x480, but I think that performance might suffer at that resolution. There is an issue with the mouse pointer, where it goes zooming off across the screen at a very fast rate, and then suddenly slows; I found it easier to control UAE remotely, using x2x.

Frame rate: some games - Virus being one - don't like a high gfx_frameskip rate, so you may have to set it to <3. Also, if using Pocket Workstation, you might like to enable the SHM mode for the server, which is disabled by default. Edit /usr/local/bin/Vncserver - it's a shell script - and add this line before 'exec Crd 'zvncserver'':

export EXTRA_SERVER_ARGS="-shm"
Klaus Weidner tells me that the SHM feature was enabled for later versions of the server.

More E-UAE: I haven't tried enabling sound, though I'd guess that it's unusable on a Zaurus (it requires serious CPU). To test the emulator, I booted Workbench 1.3 and started a clock ('run <nil: >nil: sys:utilities/clock digital1 seconds') and Notepad.

Another tiny Zaurus UAE screen