'Sea Project'

This is an abandoned Audacity project that I originally started after having a dream about a wind-blown, derelict harbour (complete with gulls). I wanted to capture the grey, desolate feel of the dream and I'm not sure if I succeeded - listen for yourself in the following files:
MD5sum                            Filename
40eb80bee42a38ab935489e2f6fc530b  Sea_project.mp3
6931c5237c6191f0357043c9ed4cb89b  Sea_project.ogg
I am required to make this sort of statement: "I hereby release these files into the public domain, and you are free to use them for whatever purpose you wish, with the proviso that they should not be used to annoy or harass anyone, and are not used for any military purpose (one wonders to what purpose such weird sounds could be used..)."

Lex, 7th January 2010

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