Contact Information

This stuff was in the site news page before; I moved it out on 11-Jun-07.

There are now many ways to contact me, although I reserve the right to not reply (I get a bit cranky in the mornings, particularly when my idea of a 'morning' keeps moving around the clock, semi-randomly).

This table is a bit messy.

Facility Notes More notes
Email bravo, romeo, oscar, oscar, kilo, november, echo, tango AT india, mike, alpha, papa STOP charlie charlie (phonetically-obfuscated!)
Landline (+44) 1271 864980 Due to spam calls, I rarely answer.
Mobile (+44) 7949 185174 (T-Mobile)
Skype lexthehex Messages are usually blocked, to avoid spam.
SIP I'm more likely to answer this one.
SIP (Ekiga) Or this one - except that I keep forgetting to start it.
ICQ 15101050 lexthehex

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