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Current Dynamic IP Address

Welcome to our homepage. As with the original incarnation of our page, it is split into two distinct parts : Lex's & Ben's.

The link to the 'Current IP Address', above, is just an uploaded text file from winter's /var/log/messages with our current dynamic IP address if we are online. Just telnet/ftp/browse your way to that address and you will be able to access our local machines. Valid account logins are required for everything except irc and anonymous FTP.

Applications for login accounts on Revelstone/Winter/Tabitha should be made to the following addresses :

c0v3nant or Lex

There will be a major 'Links' Page generated in the next few weeks with all my favourite sites on, but for the time being, there are a few of my 'must see' sites below, together with the links to our individual pages. : *the* only place to go for Linux software/news : Our distribution of choice................................... : News for Nerds. What more can I say ?

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