Remote Tape Control

These buttons perform various operations on the tape drive of pepperoni.brooknet, which is located in the kitchen. Ben had the tape drive on his computer and when some unsuspecting user was sitting at it, he'd remotely login and retension the tape, causing the user to be surprised. :)

Messing with these will be most likely to get my attention if I'm sitting at the table. After you press a button, the command will be executed on the remote computer ('Pepperoni'), if that computer is up.

Warning: if you press 'cat', some of the content displayed might not be suitable for family viewing - or for any viewing, by anybody..

Certain browsers will not refresh the screen until the command is complete. After the command has finished, any output - and the total time taken for that command to be executed - will be displayed (I'll send you the bill for CPU usage later - haha.. only kidding). For commands like 'retension', the tape takes some time to wind, so please be patient.

If the 'status' command returns '-1' for 'file number' and 'block number', that typically means that the tape isn't loaded.

Any abuse of this facility will result in me going into a deep sulk.

The 'tapecontrol' scripts are downloadable as a .tar.gz file if you want to have a look at them.

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