It's back!

06-Oct-21: This site is back after it disappeared on 17th August 2021. I've since changed my ISP, having had enough of TalkTalk. I'm on Zen Internet now and they are great. I had an issue with the router that they first sent me, but the second one was okay. It was a weird fault: I turned it upside-down to look at the login and Wi-Fi details, and it went off and didn't come back. Fortunately, the technical folks at Zen were fast in sending me a new one and I haven't had any trouble since. The following text is old!

After a long downtime, is back! I have hastily edited the default Apache2 index page (and messed with the colours) to provide a simple notice to anyone visiting the site. I haven't run a webserver since I moved house in early March 2020. That was just as the Covid-19 thing hit, and it arrived at a bad time in that I was trying to deal with living in a new place and getting used to everything. Last year was so crazy, and it just kept piling up until it seemed that this whole country was on its knees.

That's all there is, so far; I might add some more pages if I decide to keep this site up. A long time ago, I had photos, audio, documents - loads of stuff. I don't have all of that stuff available now, but I have some. I'll start with a minimal setup and hopefully won't turn it into the usual sprawling mess that my projects have a habit of becoming. NEWSFLASH-sort-of-thing!: the files in ~lex/ are back! This will make search engines happy, because they'll see all the ancient cruft that was in there years ago. Some of those files are very old - for example, I just listened to a RealMedia audio recording that I recorded on the morning of my sister's wedding - 16 years ago.

Dinner is a Tesco 'Plant Chef' chilli veggie grill sandwich, with piccalilli. In the Easterground Cottage days (1990 to 1994), I often had a veg grill sandwich, with piccalilli. I've since returned to that habit. These ones are very spicy.

Final words - before I have dinner: is the site name; '' is not. If there's something at that address, it's not being run by me. Dinner's ready!

Here be contact information, in case anyone wants to send me a message. My name is Lex. If you write me an email, I may not see it because I get a lot of spam - that's an old email address (not as old as '', which was my old, old address!).

Former names of this website, in case you want to check out its history on Internet Archive's Wayback Machine:

The first page indexed is not much to look at.

The site's 'old site' area is online again.

(14-Aug-21): When I tested Wi-Fi tethering on my phone earlier, I was a little disappointed to find that my website is the only one that I can access with my hx4700 iPAQ, running Windows PocketPC 2003. Yes, it's really old but sites should have a 'compatibility mode' so that you can view them on every device. Technology marches on though, and makes lost of old apps inoperable. This is a shame as the past should not be forgotten - look around this site and you'll see things that I wrote in 2001, for example. Even the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine was inoperable with my iPAQ. End of whinge!
Hello to Tam, who recently visited. We were going to move my stuff (computing & electronics junk) out of the storage - but when Tam saw the amount that would have to be shifted, a change-of-mind resulted. We have to get a 'man with a van' - or indeed, a woman with a van - to help us. I kept thinking "why can't we just shrink it? There must be tons of space between those atoms..".