Zaurus (pdaXrom and Cacko-Qt) Software

This list is mostly in descending date order, so the new stuff is at the top. Some of it isn't - sorry.

The following pages are available:

A mirror of the Hentges mirror of (18-Sep-14)

My notes on IrDA with the SL5500 (11-Feb-11)

Ken Harrenstien's KLH10 emulator (06-Jan-11)

A bunch of random scripts and apps (26-Aug-10)

LED-setting CLI utilities (26-Aug-10)

GForth 0.7.0 on the Zaurus (20-Jul-10)

Angstrom on the Zaurus Tosa (SL-6000) (17-Jun-10)

Altair emulator Java applet (10-Apr-10)

Serial port notes (27-Nov-09)

BIND 9.3.2 (DNS server) (10-Oct-06)

LAME mpeg encoder (13-Aug-06)

SOX sound utility (13-Aug-06)

SIMH simulator (03-Jul-06, 21-Aug-12)

ASCII Invaders (25-Mar-06)

GNUpg 1.4.2 (14-Dec-05)

MP4-encoding scripts for MPlayer (10-Dec-05)

LambdaMOO 1.8.0 (15-Jun-05)


z81-2.0 (ZX81 emulator)


Aircrack 2.1 and Void11 0.2.0 wireless networking tools.

Multimon is a tone decoder, decoding various signalling schemes such as DTMF, POCSAG, ZWEI, AFSK.
Multimon (binary only)
'gen' binary (part of multimon dist)


03-May-10: I'm still doing development, though I do much for myself now; I don't consider any of it relevant enough to publish here. I've got to get back to my Amiga roots and do some fast, optimised assembler coding - yeah, I know it's not the thing to do, but at some point I lost my way with this stuff and I need to figure it out again. Otherwise, I'll spend the rest of my time kludging bash shell scripts, and bash isn't a direction that I want to go in - it gives me a headache. It probably wouldn't if I did it properly.

09-Feb-06: For anyone trying to get the Holux GM-270 / i-Trek GPS CF card working with the Zaurus (specifically, Cacko) I've written some notes.

26-Aug-05: My attempt at compiling E-UAE is running again - see this page: Experimental port of E-UAE

A few of these apps will run on any ARM Linux platform, as long as they aren't too hardware-specific. For example, xscreensaver runs on any ARM system with X, and multimon runs on anything with a /dev/dsp device, and LambdaMOO runs on the Zaurus, the hx4700 (with Linux) and probably also the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, though I haven't tested it. Oh, and the GP2X. Note though that I have not tested every Linux ARM device, so I cannot guarantee that any app will run on any other version of ARM Linux, and the standard 'your mileage may vary' clause applies.

23-Sep-05: I am now running Cacko (Qt) Lite. Forget everything that I wrote below - I'm either running Cacko or the Sharp ROM, so all of my packages should be compatible with those. I didn't stay with pdaXrom for long once I found out how inaccurate the floating point emulator was. I had a brief look at OpenZaurus/Opie, liked it but thought it was not ready for 'production use' yet (it's fast, but several things don't work properly and that's probably due to the 2.6 kernel - still, kudos to the OZ folks for using 2.6!).

22-Aug-05: I'm back with pdaXrom, and I will now commit all of my Sharp developing/porting to pdaXrom only. The reason: Cacko Qt has not been updated in a long time, and it contains bugs that had not been fixed. pdaXrom has less initial apps but it's easier to port stuff to it.

28-Jul-05: At last, I've been able to compile UAE for pdaXrom. It has dependencies on many external libraries which I do not have on my version of Cacko Qt; I've therefore been unable to test it. The project is 'on hold' until I decide whether to go back to pdaXrom or not.

22-Oct-04: As of today, I'm using the original SHARP rom on the Zaurus, instead of pdaXrom. I decided that I preferred NetFront to Firefox, as it runs a bit faster. As a result of the switch, I'll be attempting to compile apps for Qt - compiling a Qt version of UAE is top of my list.

24-Oct-04: I'm using pdaXrom again. The SHARP rom was too basic: OpenZaurus was nice, but it wasn't X - so it's back to pdaXrom.


These folks recently added a link to my site, so here's one back to theirs. Thanks folks!

RocketElite 1.02

18th July 2010
I recently got the Sharp ROM working on my SL-C860 Zaurus. I have Angstrom's kexecboot installed, so I can go from one environment to another. Even though I have Emacs, Aircrack-ng, Kismet and more installed in the Angstrom system, I still felt a need to return to the old days when everything was fast, small and slick. Thus, I went looking for RocketElite and although the site is still there, the link to the full Zaurus version is not: Eon Games have gone out-of-business and so, only the RocketElite Demo is available - no full game.

I hope that I'm not going to annoy anyone or break any laws by doing this; you still need a registration code to play it, so there is a level of software protection. If you wish to contact me, see the contact details on the main page.

Here's RocketElite 1.02, as rescued from a pile of old CDRs. Please install eon-libflac and eonconfig before the main package (see the README in the RocketElite .zip). These packages are included in the .zip.

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