Hamster Wheel Control

Hamster wheel status: *** out-of-action, due to breakage (need glue, but can't afford it) *** (17-Aug-2010)
The hamster wheel is working again, but there's not much feedback from the remote end of the connection: all you'll know is if the command has been received, although a reply/status message may appear via the 'hamster-reply' channel (this is typed by me in realtime!). You could check the Nokia N800 camera (intranet link) - try opening it in a separate window:

'Hammy' is currently in the room known as the 'orange room' - so-called because at night, the room is often lit by a light in an orange Sainsbury carry bag.

Click one of the buttons below to activate the hamster wheel. The hamster will only run if I've switched it on. If I forget this - or I turn the computer off - it will not do anything or you'll get an error.

Command Effect
SHORT Runs the hamster wheel for about 1/4 of a second.
LONG Runs the hamster wheel for five seconds.
STOP If the wheel is in motion, this stops it. Otherwise, it makes a very quiet 'tick' sound.
QUIT Doesn't.

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You can download the Hamster Wheel source code at sourceforge.net/projects/hamsterwheel/.

Windows Driver CD

You can find a copy of the driver CD here (ISO format - burn it to a CDR). You can check the data integrity with 'md5sum', which should return '0422e32ec9ebe0bfe2b5d2177bfdd266'. The image size is 2031616 bytes, or about 2MB.


Thanks to Jari Turkia and others!

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