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To avoid frustration, please check that host 'n800cam.brooknet' is up before you follow these links: look at the host status page, under host 'n800cam'.

Please click below for the camera page on the device itself. Should the N800 be down, your browser will time out and return an error. The 'internal' links are for users on my intranet and will not work for folks on the big ol' Net.

10-Nov-13: Now that winter is almost upon us, it's cold (< 10 deg. Celsius) in the front rooms, and I've moved the camera into the kitchen. Hopefully, the Altair Micro will follow, but I have a problem finding space for it. Moving it into the kitchen allowed me to check its status, and I found that some time ago, it went offline - I'm sorry about that.

Since around 20-Aug-13, I have had the camera pointing at my Briel Computers Altair 8800micro.

Before, I had instructions on how to access the Altair Micro's console here; I removed the facility because it was rather fragile. If anyone would like to access the Micro (i.e. use CP/M or type BASIC programs and see the LEDs flashing) please let me know and I'll put the facility back. As far as I know, no-one but myself used this service.

09-Sep-13: I've set up the camera to respond (approximately) to an Axis Webcam URL; I have tested this with 'TinyCam Monitor Pro' (Android).

Configure the app to use:

Camera vendor: [Axis]
Camera model: [Generic]
Hostname: []
Port number: [8083]
All other options are set to the defaults. I have tested this on my intranet. I tested access from the Internet on 10th Sep. and found, to my disappointment, that the camera didn't work. ShellInABox didn't, either. This may have been due to access restrictions on the library computer that I was using. I'd welcome any other reports of success or failure - see the contact page for contact information.

06-Feb-14: Yesterday, I tested the 'N800Cam' and it worked okay, both in 'snapshot' (still image) and 'streaming' (mjpeg) modes. I used a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, with the standard browser. The failures that I mentioned previously were probably due to port forwarding issues with the router.

Last updated 03:04 on 06-Feb-14

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