Internet services available on Brooknet

This is a basic page listing externally-available services.

Services shown as 'restricted' require an account - apply to brooknet (at) imap (dot) cc to be considered. I used to have a line here suggesting that an account would be more likely to be added if I was offered money - I'll leave the amount up to you (so far, I have had no offers - not surprising, when computers are so cheap).

Port Service Access Notes
22 SSH Open Access to registered users only, though sometimes I'll run a publicly- available account.
23 Telnet Open Anything (or nothing) could be running on this port. Usually, it's the VAX, running OpenVMS 7.3.
80 Web server Open  
8080 Web server Open Same as port 80.
8082 Nokia N800 camera #1 Open
8083 Nokia N800 camera #2 Open Nokia N800 camera (currently in the kitchen).

20-Jan-12: I recently redesigned the network topology (translation: 'messed around') and due to the way that it is set up, services may not be available all the time, or different services might be running. If you try to access a service and get a 'connection refused', that usually means that something has crashed - often, after a mains outage (common, due to everything being on a prepayment meter) things are in an inconsistent state.

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