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Greetings! If this is your first visit, welcome to the site.

LATEST NEWS (12-Aug-12)

In case you can't contact brooknet.no-ip.com on the usual address, I have added another dynamic DDNS host: brook.dlinkddns.com ('brooknet' was already taken). Unlike the No-IP.com address, wildcards are not allowed - so 'www.brook.dlinkddns.com' would not work. The dlinkddns.com address is updated by the router, while no-ip.com address updates when the No-IP client runs, on the webserver. This means that if the webserver goes down and the router is still up, brook.dlinkddns.com will update and if I have a backup webserver running, you'll see further information - maybe.

Other news: the site was unavailable early on Sunday 12th August, due to an accidental disconnection of the webserver network cable (the clip has broken and it is easily-disconnected).

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